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  • PLEASE NOTE Strictly 48 hrs notice for any booking to be rescheduled we do not refund

  • The booking hours are 24 hours, so 6:00 is 6am.  If you book the first booking please contact ourselves once booked, ie 6am 7am bookings.

  • Please note WINTER TIME early morning bookings ie 6am,7am or later bookings 5pm on wards. We do not have spotlights we do have fairy lights etc. You will arrive and leave in the dark depending on time of sunset. If you have booked and wish to reschedule please contact the team at within 48hrs before the booking. 

  • Please please input all your details inc, email when booking or the payment will NOT complete and you lose the booking. This may show temporarily in your bank but will bounce back! please contact ourselves with any queries regarding this. 



  48 hrs notice for all cancellations 
We do not refund but we do  reschedule with 48 hrs notice of the original  FIELD BOOKINGS 

If you do not get a booking email confirmation you have not booked the booking. 

Please take note for booking the fields. 

We are releasing the days as follows each week.


between 7.30am- 8.00am every Wednesday  we realise the following weeks bookings.