Let your dogs play on their very own private hired field, any breed allowed. 

Brook Farm, Moss Side, Formby L37 0AF.

Doggy VIP Fields location.
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Ready to run your dogs safely!

Image by Karsten Winegeart
Image by Karsten Winegeart
Image by Karsten Winegeart
Image by Karsten Winegeart

VIRTUAL MEET & GREET>  ( we do not meet and greet) please watch the videos and check out the field plan. 

Guide to using the fields. 

1. Arrive in plenty of time, approx 5-10 mins early is ideal.

2. Wait and see if someone is on the fields. (usually a car in the off loading area). 

3. Wait for the field users to leave the fields, Never approach them as some dogs are highly reactive. 

4. Stay in your car wait to park in the off loading area. Please be patient. 

5. When using the fields, you get 3 areas, 1st field 4ft fencing, 2nd field 6ft fencing accessed through the wood path to the single gate. the double gates are locked. 3rd area woodland enclosed within the 1st field. 

6. Pick up poo and put in the poo bin, any rubbish from using the fields we have a separate bin. 

please dont confuse the bins we have to go through them and pick out its not nice. 

7. DO NOT empty your car rubbish in our bins. 

8. Respect the agility equipment and report any breakages. Leave as you found. 

9. Leave 5 mins that means leaving the off loading area, not leave the fields. So ideally start to leave with 10 mins spare. 

10. ENJOY its here to enjoy so please enjoy and everyone will enjoy the area. 

Any problems give Sam a text she cant always answer the phone.