Brook Farm Moss Side, Formby. L37 0AF

About OUR Farm. 

Music  "Skyfall". by "Adele"
  • Brook Farm was a large project which is still ongoing. 

  • The land was left for in excess of 50 years to lay and grow weeds brash and brambles, the fields inaccessible via foot or any vehicle. 


  • Now the fields are a safe haven for dogs to run free, enclosed with a minimum of 4ft wire and post fencing. Although if your dog jumps the fence we cannot be held responsible.  The rear field is fitted with 6ft fencing this was in early April 2018. We have an inner woodland so this is double fenced. 


  • Its perfect for training your dog or just walking in a safe and peaceful environment. You book via online for 55min increments, starting at £12.50 for 55mins  and £21 for the 2hours. Weekends are a premium at £13 per hour.

  • We have dog social on Wed nights, Sat nights, and Sunday mornings, please see the field bookings page for information. No booking required turn up and pay sign a waiver form as you are responsible for your own dog on the field. 


  • Its the same price for up to 3 dogs and then extra £2 per dog for each family for the 1hr slot and £2 extra per dog for 2hr bookings each booking.


  • Please book your hour if you wish to book for you and a friend then put a note on the booking for approx amount of people and dogs.

  • Any extra dogs are paid for on arrival. 

  • We have a safe loading area, so please keep your dogs loaded in the car till you park in the off loading area and the gate is shut. 


  • Rules: no dog fighting please don't let your dogs intentionally fight. 


  • Pick up all excrement for the safety of ourselves and others! We are strict on picking it up bagging it and binning it. !!!!

  • All breeds are accepted as long as they arent actually dangerous dogs  if they are we would require you to keep the dog muzzled. or on a long leash, this is at your own discretion. 


Feel free to browse the works at Brook farm, to see the extent although Im sure none of the photographs do actually give the work undertaken any justice. 

Link to the Farms Own Website. 


2nd field is 6ft fenced

rear field.