A little about ourselves. 


Im Sam,  I run the dog business, Doggy VIP. 

My Husband Paul Helps occasionally along

with Dylan my son, Jenny my mother in Law

Helps at Weekends and sometimes in the 


A little about ourselves, Paul and I met as teenagers, we had our son in our early Twenties, Dylan who's now 19 years old, and is a director of  the firm, he is involved in all aspects of our companies. We have 3 Boerboels Stitch, Freud and Freya and a little staffie Sky. 2, cats, 5 ducks, 8 geese, and 25 chickens. Our chickens are all rare breeds, on organic feed, and free range.  We sell the eggs of all the birds at the farm. 

We have run P R Howard Ltd for 23 years, Paul is an Arborist by trade, although he also does, garden clearance, and fencing, alongside, contracting for schools, and agricultural work. We also have a small plant hire business. We Run these companies together, Paul is the front man, and Sam is the person doing all the computer work emails, and estimates/invoices and book keeping & tree preservation orders etc. 


Along side this Sam is a Director in her family business Dean Bros Funeral Directors, she is a Funeral director, who conducts funerals, and is involved in every aspect of the business from washing cars to paperwork etc.  


We bought Brook Farm, 3.5 years ago now, and the farm was desolate and overgrown you wouldn't recognise it and it wasn't accessible. We spent day and night, just removing bramble and trees and brash with up to 2 pairs of jeans on and 3 pairs of gloves and still having cuts and scrapes. We found caravans entwined in trees, freezers, and all sorts of items in the fields you wouldn't believe. 


We lived in the static for 18months which is now the base for the coffees and teas and wc for the dog fields. It was fun but it was worth it. 


Sam has been a long distance runner since she was 9 years old, doing marathons aged 24yrs, and then at 34 years I decided to go into Triathlon learning to swim my son taught me the crawl, I went from strength to strength, becoming the GB age group British champion in 2016 in Triathlon and Duathlon. I also qualified for Kona in my first Ironman. I have had health issues for the last 4 years... So this year Ive decided a break is needed.  


We started the dog fields 1.5 years ago now as I wanted a safe haven for my own dogs, being large South African Boerboels a large Mastiff, its not always your own dogs but other peoples dogs, I've had issues with own Staffie being attacked previously with other peoples dogs.  

Which in turn made her a fearful aggressive dog, and I didn't want this with my mastiffs so I thought people may pay to hire the fields for this same reason.  Low and behold the fields took off, and everyone loves the idea. 

I decided to go for the raw feeding we have had my Husky on raw previously but he passed 12 months ago. I Hadn't had any other dog on raw, just my husky. My dogs were on the freeze dried kibble which was a raw kibble freeze dried.  I had been advised wrongly which sometimes this does happen. My dogs did lose weight on the raw at first, Probably my own fault I hadn't looked into it enough. I decided to research it, I got some what confused, and decided to do a course, and then another course, and I really go into it, I bought a freezer, and it all snowballed from there, we opened the shop and we got so busy I ended up with more and more freezers.  Ive got so busy of recent, Im up at 6am boxing up and sending out to the post office and then up late doing orders and meal plans, checking stock. Its all great. I wish I could clone myself sometimes.  It is all about service and quality I feel giving the client confidence in yourself and replying and service is the no 1. 

We have so much more bigger ideas investing into the business and re investing the profit is the way forward for us. onwards and upwards guys VIP. 

Check out Sams website here www.ocdaththlete.com

and.      www.pr-howard.com