We are closed for Winter from the 9th Oct 2021/ 

We will reopen in Spring 2022. 

Thank you for all your bookings and kind support. 

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Booked in what to expect


  • Arrive early 10mins is ideal. 

  • Do not feed 2hrs prior

  • Please toilet your dog prior to arrival and on arrival. 

  • Sign the digital waiver

  • Induction information chat

  • Warm Rinse shower

  • Harness fitting

  • Swim entry

  • Rinse afterwards and dry


Dogs swim length 

We provide 30mins and 1hr bookings. 

On these bookings the dogs are not in the pool for the full 30mins. 

We allow short bursts in the pool for exercise. 

Swimming is a hard exercise for dogs. 

15-20mins is more than adequate

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Strengthened the heart and lungs

  • Improvements in circulation

  • Increased metabolism

  • Keeps your dog’s coat and skin healthy

  • Improves strength and overall tone of your dog’s muscles because your dog uses every major muscle in their body to move against the water resistance.


After the swim 

After the session – Please keep your dog warm and allow to rest – but no longer than an hour or they may get stiff. A gentle 5 minute walk or potter in the garden about an hour or so after the session is a good idea. Any concerns should be expressed to Doggyvip asap. 


Social media. 

Videos photos

We love on trend videos and social media. 

We can do underwater videography and 

photographs. Please enquire for prices.