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Dog Fitness 

Working breeds

High energy dogs

Whether it's long hours at work from a busy family life , a busy and hectic work schedule or just the physical inability to give your dog the proper exercise, we can solve that problem and make your life less stressful and your dog's life, happier and healthier! 

I offer  Running and Biking workouts suitable for your dog breed/age/fitness on the first consultation I will weigh our dog and take him/her out for their first session of 30mins Maximum and walk run them and see how they are.  I will require a background of their history and any illness/health issues/weight/nutrition etc if required.  Large breed dogs would be run depending on age and surface.  We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, dependable, thorough and most of all we are dedicated to giving your dog the personalized exercise and attention they need. 

Samantha is a  XCountry county Champion, and British Triathlon Champion. Who's had 20+ years experience with dogs and handling large breed and small breed dogs. She's been part of an agility team, and is now a fully qualified canine Nutritionist. She's an athletic enthusiast, who competes international a currently and has also competed with Snow dogs/huskies and used wheeled rigs with her own Husky Simba who sadly passed away in 2017 from old age.   Sam has a huge passion for dogs since the age of 4 and just loves everything to do with the canine world be it working gun dogs or sledging or showing dogs.  Although she really loves the nutrition and fitness side.


Your dog is unable to go to a dog daycare because of social issues, or it is too high energy for a dog walker.


Your dog is displaying signs of boredom and destructive behaviour and they require the mental stimulation which exercise can greatly help with the mental stimulation to decrease these behaviours. 


You are physically unable to give the dog the exercise they require anymore. 


You or your vet have noticed the dog has gained too much weight and the dog requies an exercise regime that you cannot provide it at this time. 


You work long hours on a regular basis and dont have the time anymore due to a change in circumstances. 

Prices GPS live Tracker inc in all sessions. 

30 Min compulsory fitness test for all new dog clients

1st session £15.00 30mins introductory.

30mins Running £15.00

30mins Biking    £16.00

45 Mins Running £22.00

45 Mins Biking    £23.00

55 Mins Walking £25.00

55 Mins Run/walk £25.00 

55 Mins Biking   £26.00 

Nutritional consultation 1st appointment free. 

4 week 1st plan free. 

further appointments charge of £15 30mins.