1 Week into Stitches Diet and we are pleased to announce a lean 2kg gain!!!

We have been in talks with a new Pro Raw diet supplier who specialise in Lean muscle gain for big dogs. Prodog raw. They have some great supplements, that we are going to try with Stitch, Freud and Freya and review with this blog, so keep posted and wait to see the great results. We are looking forward to this.

We will also stock and supply their fabulous products, along with the raw products we currently stock including the fresh butchers Chicken Carcasses we currently have in stock on sale.

Stitch is here chomping on it!! please turn the sound down she's cracks them like crisps.

You can see she's gained from last week less ribs showing thankfully.

If you wish for any advice, regarding you dog to get fitter, lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, please please send me photos emails, and I can advise you free of charge, and we can set up a meal plan. go to the contact page and we can get started. You can see in 1 week we have got our dog on the right road, She only lost weight due to our other female being in season and the with this female being spayed, it stressed her out for some unknown reason. She's very dominant she even cocks her leg over the male dogs wee once he has cocked his leg.

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