Gorrilla max review.

Some muscle builders have a kibble that claims they will build the muscle in your dog, which is ok, Ive tried it, bully max, its a supplement, it didn't work! thats my review over bully max =and gorilla max didn't work. Sorry guys, its expensive and it didn't work. Id give it a 3/10.

Its a supplement yes, its not great 60% raw meaty bones isn't going to cut it and white rice isn't either. .... you want you dog to gain lean muscle, you gotta go for 80% RMB 20% veg and or fruit.

Now I get the meals or dinners and supplement these. If you are going to feed RAW you feed raw eggs whole raw eggs the dogs love the shells and they are wholesome.

So ok, that that over with.

I am now trying another brand a new one out Pro Dog raw. they have meals and they look plenty different to the Bully Max brand. For a start they are Grain free, sugar free and and 100% made in the UK.

They have been involved in conditioning dogs for over 30 years, they are affiliated by the GB TEAM so what more could you ask for. stay tuned for updates !!! and our reviews on this great Brand.

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