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Updated: Jan 23, 2018

As everyone is dieting, On the opposite scale My smallest Boerboel needs to put weight on, she always stays ripped but slightly underweight. As you can see in the photograph below!

So just an insight into Raw, and I will be doing a journey on my blog.

We are introducing further raw foods to our shop in the next few weeks, having more options for meaty bones, extra stock of the Duck and chicken necks which seems to be something everyone wants!! and lots of.

We weighed Stitch this week, shes a lean 40kg, By Boerboel standards she is small, but shes got the biggest character with it, small dog syndrome, shes the boss fof the pack. Anyone dare cross me and shes on them in a blink!!!

We currently feed her, Orijen freeze dried kibble in the morning.

2 x 500g of chicken working dog meals in the evening, with 1-2 chicken carcass or a meaty bone in the afternoons. So clearly she is way above the recommended average of 3% of body weight, which would be 1.2kg of raw meals only.

We are going to now introduce additionally 2 x whole raw eggs, plus 250g of raw chicken liver alternating each day with 250g of tripe.

Both Tripe and liver are high in calories which should help add weight, along with the eggs which are a great source of protein for muscles. Liver is full of vitamins;

The amount of organ meat your dog should eat is based on a few simple factors, most importantly how active your dog is. The more active your dog, the more organ meat should be fed.

If your dog is generally active – goes on walks, runs around in the backyard, etc. – then about 10% of the overall diet should consist of organ meat. This is the amount that Nutrapooch uses in all of its Fresh Dog Food and is perfect for a majority of domestic dogs. If you’re dog is extremely active, meaning they are moving most of the day, then up to 15% of the overall diet can be fed. Sled dogs are a good example of this activity level.

Also metabolism Stitch has the metabolism most would be jealous of, I certianly am, I have a thyroid problem so Im very envious of the amount she can eat.

Follow her journey this New Year here on this blog, I will keep regular updates and information on Raw BARF feeding.

We are also introducing lots of extra meaty bones and offal such as liver, heart etc on our online shop.

Chicken Liver.

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