The dogs butcher RAW

Seeing the changes going Raw feeding does.

When you see the changes in clients dogs, and my own dogs. Then you believe!!!

My own dogs had drastic changes the sort of changes you see on lots of websites and think oh yeah its too far fetched, its photoshopped etc.

But seeing is believing. Seeing in your own dogs... I have so many clients now that come back week after week with the same great results with their dogs, the coats, the clean teeth, not mention the great calming effect on the dogs temperaments. Just think skittles in kids, mcDonalds in kids, its the same with dogs, kibble also known as dried food is like that, highly processed junk food. Going raw and species appropriate to dogs, and seeing the difference in the dogs is amazing.

I have had endless issues with my brindle Bitch Freya and its taken a long time to get her coat gleaming glossy like it is today. and here she is. Glossy Coat bright eyed and much easier to train.

The fish whole sprays from The Dogs Butcher have a lot to answer for, also she loves the minced fishy oil mince from Paleo ridge. She also loves the Partridge mince from Paleo ridge, and the Lamb meaty chunks I feel the game mince has helped and of course our very own Geese eggs she devours this in one go inc the egg shells.

She is a big lass for a female Boeboel, Imported from the Netherlands by our Breeder, she has a very friendly attitude and absolutely adores Freud, she makes moo sounds when she is separated from him.

She has a tendency to be a fussy eater she wont eat the pheasant whole unless we cut it right up and open it out, or the rabbit again we have to chop it right up. She can turn her nose away to one thing one day then devour it the next. She tip toes around puddles and mud. She is very fast for a mastiff and extremely agile and loves the agility but I am yet to get her through the tunnel!! she loves the bale run or any jumps and absolutely bosses Freud around all the time.

She took to Raw feeding like a a duck to water and loves raw bones, raw carcass, duck, is one of her favourites she is not so keen on pork, loves most game meats, Chicken she would live on Chicken!! she likes offal but too much will make her tummy upset easily. She can put weight on very easily this one... When we have Stitch she is the opposite Stitch can eat twice as much as Freya and not put an once of fat on. and she's not as big as Freya. So doing Raw by weight is not always as straight forward. You have to trial and error and find the dogs metabolism and see what is best for each dog... so you can't say that dog is 40kg it will cost you so much etc. It just doesn't really work like that... I have Freud who is nr 75kg + and he eats the Same as Stitch who is 30kg and is ripped she has the metabolism we all dream of!!!


As you can see Stitch here is a lot more muscular and ripped.

Stitch. Boerboel Raw fed.

Stitch her favourite is about anything edible with a metabolism like hers ha she can get away with it too!!! she loves chicken heads, rabbit heads, and anything crunchy urghhh she has a tendency to devour the whole rabbit prey, pheasant prey, from the dogs butcher. she loves the goats bones, venison bones, beef testicles from the dogs butcher and the ostrich mince from Paleo ridge, she also loves the kangaroo from Paleo ridge, and has real liking for the duck wings but only from the dogs butcher.

One thing she can't get enough of is the rabbit ears.... this dog thinks my shop is an all you can eat buffet she pops in and takes all my profit I tell you she sees my back turn and takes another Rabbit ear. she is my favourite I know you shouldn't have favourites but she was our first Mastiff and we have a very special bond.

Then Freud here on the other hand is really beefy

Freud loves BEEF lips from Paleo ridge, he would live on these!!!

he Also loves the big 2.2kg 15% bulk bags we do canine kitchen, chicken mince, he loves this mince. along with the beef trachea and the raw eggs he does have a tendency to like the ox chunks from The dogs butcher and what dog doesn't like the zebra chunks what a treat they are!!


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