Waking up to the healing of RAW

Why changing to raw heals your dog, nutritionally and in temperament!

Ever thought about why kids eating all the EE's and sweets and Mcdonalds for every meal, and bad behaviour its basically the same thing with kibble.

Please read the attached research paper.


Don't be fooled by big companies going against Raw or VETS please read this article very well written on the reasons why an unbiased view.


I am a qualified nutritionist firstly in all nutrition, once I realised the actual rubbish in the kibble food market I was shocked, I started Raw and I was ill advised, I then did another course, and another much more in depth and much harder course taking me a whole year to complete all three in the end. Although I am qualified I am still learning, as my Dad once told me in a totally different industry and this was in his 38th year in his working life, "Sam you learn every day, you will never know everything and you should never think you know everything!, the client comes first, but always be willing to learn and have a fresh mind, let nothing surprise you!"

How correct was he!! the customer does come first, I have always been customer service is most important, service service service service. Personalised service. VIP service. We have a few VIP's but you have to treat everyone like they are a Very important person or pet. Most importantly I am always going to still learn and will always still learn about nutrition and the health and best for my dogs and other dogs.

Any questions please feel free. to message, text etc... advise is always free with VIP

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