Raw Feeding


Their is a science in nutrition, and also science behind it.  Once lady from Finland is doing extensive research into Raw Feeding and the benefits for our pets. Dr Hielm-Björkmann .   The research results are mind blowing!!!  

General Health Benefits

Dogs were in existence long before man created processed pet food. Processed food was invented for the convenience of man, not for the benefit of your dog. They are, both domesticated and wild, carnivores, and are anatomically built for eating meat. 

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diets are based on fresh foods such as raw meat and bones,  minerals and are designed to replicate your dog’s ancestral diet.

These diets acknowledge the dog’s evolution and natural diet and contain 60-100% raw, meaty bones At VIP RAW our nutrition principle is the 80/10/10 80% meat, 10% bone 10% offal. – containing raw meaty bones and NO grain.

Humans are the only animals that cook their foods and we know that cooking breaks down the proteins and amino acids in raw meat, destroying much of its nutritional goodness. Our  RAW mince diet guarantees –


  • Quality ingredients

  • No high temperature processing

  • No filler, no grain

  • No artificial additives or preservatives. 


Why is processed food so bad? 

As in all things, there are good processed foods and bad processed foods. Bad processed foods can contain 60-70% poor quality ‘feed grade’ grains and the unsavoury parts of the animal. The labelling ‘fit for human consumption’ is of little comfort as this label is applied to the whole animal even the unsavoury bits. Good quality processed food contains better cuts of meat and some vegetables but is still often ‘bulked out’ with grain.

There are two problems however. Firstly, whether the carbohydrate is good or bad it is used as cheap filler and represents too high a proportion of the food. Secondly the act of cooking destroys much of the nutritional value of the constituents. High temperature cooking of meat also forms heterocyclic amines and other carcinogenic compounds (50% of dogs that reach maturity will die from cancer). Finally in order to qualify as ‘balanced’ or ‘complete’ under EU guidelines all the nutrients lost in the processing need to be added back in the form of chemicals. 

So the argument for feeding a processed dog food runs as follows – 

Dogs don’t eat grain in the wild and can’t digest raw grain,
but grain is the cheapest source of energy,
so cook it at high temperature and now the dog can digest it,
but cooking has destroyed 70% of the nutritional value,
no problem, add synthetic nutrients to the recommended level.

Let your dog decide!