VIP Aqua dog and puppies

Dock Diving, pool party



​Your first visit is an induction. The cost includes a safety induction and consultation with our hydrotherapist, for “up to” 30 minutes per dog. 


Generally, inductions will be shorter. This allows us to take our time with especially nervous or anxious dogs. We recommend 30 minutes per dog as experience has taught us that both dogs and their owners benefit from a longer first session. 

Solo Assisted swim 

Assisted sessions are 30 minutes or 15 minutes long. 

During these sessions, your dog will be assisted our lifeguards and Dog trainers. 

These sessions are for any dog over 6 months that needs extra special care, as they maybe nervous, reactive, need extra space around other dogs, or, if you simply want the pool to yourself.

We encourage owners to join their dogs in the pool for fun and bonding but if you would rather have ourselves swim and play with your dog, we'll be happy to. 


SUP Dog, 


Our dog trainer can help and give your dog(s) a go at SUP in our safe environment pool. 

Additional dogs

Additional dogs are allowed to attend sessions but MUST have completed an induction with an session before entering the pool. 

60 minute inductions are also available, these are suitable for 2 large or 3 small breed dogs. 

Aqua dog

> Sports healthy

>Soft tissue injuries

>Weight management

> Confidence in water

> General fun & Fitness


Puppies 4 months up

Swimming is ideal exercise

for growing puppies

putting no pressure on 

growing joints. 

We accept puppies 4months +


1. Welcome 

2. no food 2hrs prior

3. rinse before entry

4. rinse after swim. 


Play session

using toys 

Short dock dive platform

Hydro water movement


SUP for Dogs. 

AQUA DOG Health Waiver

After booking please fill out  our Aqua dog  please fill out the following medical form. Also the T & Cs further down W will send this out to you in an email. 

Does your dog have any health issues
Is your dog under 12months

Thanks for submitting!

Terms and Conditions 

Program Information for aqua dogs

  • Classes are open to anyone interested in maintaining musculoskeletal health and wellbeing for their dog, provided they are medically stable and physically independent.

  • Contra-Indications to Water Exercise

    The pool is approximately 18-20°C. Immersion in this water should not increase core temperature under normal circumstance. If your dogs

  •  affected by any of the following contra-indications, they are not suitable for dog aqua .


    1. Uncontrolled epilepsy

    2. Uncontrolled diabetes

    3. Unstable heart conditions or severe cardiac failure

    4. Unstable blood pressure – severe postural hypotension or controlled hypertension

    5. Open wounds/ulcers

    Relative contra-indications:

    1. Incontinence

    2. Active infectious skin conditions such as herpes simplex, tinea and planter warts

    3. Acute infection/fever

    4. Dogs in heat. 

    5. Renal failure – there is an increase in glomerular load due to the increased cardiac output resulting from


    6. Respiratory problems – there is an increased rate of breathing with immersion which may impact those with

      respiratory muscle weakness or very low vital capacity (FEV1 less than 35% of the expected level should be

      considered at risk)

    7. Pregnancy – we dont accept pregnant dogs. 

    8. Sensitivity to chlorine/bromine

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