Brook Farm Moss Side, Formby. L37 0AF

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We are accepting Field bookings.  We have two options. 
Walk to the fields. 
Or book the shop and field together visit the shop after the field time. This can be booked out of shop hours and the booking inc credit towards the shop.  48 hrs notice for all cancellations 

We have a NHS Discount for all days weekends and weekdays rate is £10 so if you wish to provide your NHS Proof of working to our email we will send you the private link 

Choose booking according to how you will pay! all information is BELOW BOOKING CHOICES. Please note if you don't receive an email your booking is NOT booked.

Please note the fields are presently 1st field 4ft stock fencing the 2nd larger field is 6ft fencing and double fenced at 4ft. This is extremely secure.

We have 50 beagles sometimes on all the fields, and Sighthound /husky and greyhound clubs in the larger 6ft fencing field. 

Please note we are now charging a 80p cancellation charge for all CARD cancellations as we are being charged this charge by the card company only for card payments. Unless you use the reschedule link in the email at the bottom of the email. We apologise for this it is out of our hands.  We have had repeated bookings that cancel last minute repeatedly. Apologies that some people ruin it for everyone.

Please note we require 48 hrs notice for Week & weekend bookings now to be cancelled.  We also have later times 6.30pm & 7.30pm in the week days, please note these cannot be booked for large group bookings as this would not be fair to the neighbours. 

News update, poo bins are now supplied  bag it bin it!!!! CCTV is present anyone caught leaving pooh on the field and not in the bins provided will be Warned 2nd time!! BANNED!!