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We are accepting Field bookings.
  48 hrs notice for all cancellations 



If you do not get a booking email confirmation you have not booked the booking. 

We are fully booked presently except a few 30min slots. 

Please take note for booking the fields. 

We are releasing the days as follows each week.


9.00am is the time of releasing the bookings. 


Wednesdays we release the slots for the following Sat, Sunday and the 

following weeks Monday/Tues/Wed bookings. 

Fridays we release the slots for the following Thurs/Friday. 

I always post on the Facebook page when Ive released the days so keep an eye on that page. 


Thanks Sam, and the Doggyvip Team. 

Please note we are now charging a £1.50p cancellation charge for all CARD cancellations as we are being charged this charge by the card company only for card payments. Unless you use the reschedule link in the email at the bottom of the email. We apologise for this it is out of our hands.  We have had repeated bookings that cancel last minute repeatedly. Apologies that some people ruin it for everyone.

Bookings hours are 24hrs clock. 06:00 is am and 18:00 is pm. 

News update, poo bins are now supplied  bag it bin it!!!! CCTV is present anyone caught leaving pooh on the field and not in the bins provided will be Warned 2nd time!! BANNED!!

Brook Farm Moss Side, Formby. L37 0AF